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The Thickest Latina Onlyfans You’ve Never Seen

Men who prefer thick Latina OnlyFans girls is not a new phenomenon. All throughout history, up until relatively recent times, skinny women and girls were seen as undesirable, sick, and malnourished. It’s still that way in many countries across the globe. These are countries and regions where girls today will intentionally pack on the pounds after they reach marriage age in the hopes of catching the eye of a good husband. Modern media has done the most to sway so many men’s opinions today in the other direction.

Fashion trendsetters and even companies that market weight loss products have only stood to gain in recent times by convincing men that skinny girls have more to offer them. All that is changing, though, as more men and women come to their senses as they realize that thick Latina OnlyFans girls rock. With their huge tits and extra strength, they have what it takes to freak and get smashed all night long and are still ready for another session in the morning.

They’re also more at ease with and accepting of themselves. Thick Latina OnlyFans girls tend to be more engaging and anxious to meet new guys. Then after you get through to them, deciding on where they want to go on a date is a no-brainer. Offering to take them out to a great meal is a proposition that thick Latinas OnlyFans girls never say no to. Then after dinner, it’s off to the motel for another thang they all like to do. Rough steamy sex.

Bianca Blu

Born February 25th in Panama City, Panama, Bianca blu is a thick Latina OnlyFans model and video star who has recently turned heads.

She’s thick but for sure not flabby. So she can best be described as having the body of a fitness model who eats well. She sports a natural healthy look with a “plump-rump” that makes her one of the top go-to choices for men who have a preference for great anal sex videos.

She also does incredible girl-on-girl lesbian smut flicks where she likes to assume the dominant role with a slightly built, decidedly more petite girl. It’s a proven formula where with her size and bulk, she can force the girls to bend to her will and comply with her sordid erotic demands.

Men who prefer thick Latina OnlyFans girls know what they like, and Bianca Blu seems to have her thumb directly on top of that. She knows what they want, so she gives them what they want, and they reward her with a degree of loyalty that most OnlyFans girls can only wish for.

Bianca Blu got an early start in adult entertainment in her home country of Panama. She started working at strip clubs right out of high school, just after she turned 18, and it was in the strip clubs that she developed her innate intuition about what horny men desire. But the work only pays so much in a place like Panama, so it wasn’t long before she was packing her bags and heading to the United States. A girl with looks like hers has no trouble getting into the United States and procuring proper paperwork, which she did. So as it stands today, Bianca Blu is one of the hottest thick Latina OnlyFans girls while having a great time doing what she loves to do most.

Bianca Blu OnlyFans Account

Rose Monroe

While she may have been acting in smut films for a little over a decade now, it’s only in relatively recent years that Rose Monroe has been featured on OnlyFans. With a natural fresh face, good looks, and a thick healthy body, she has quickly gained a reputation as one of the top thick Latina girls getting smashed on OnlyFans.

Here again, is another rising star from Venezuela who’s not shy about doing all the things that so many of the other girls refuse to do. So she’s a real trooper in the lesbian porn flicks and willing to take a dick of any size straight up her bum.

Of all the thick Latinas OnlyFans has to offer, Rose has got to be possibly one of the most friendly. She’s a real down-to-earth girl who loves to interact with her fans on a personal level and isn’t lazy about devoting time to her OnlyFans site. It’s unclear if she still lives in Venezuela or has moved up north to the United States or Canada, like so many of them do. Or it may be that she travels back and forth, which is probably the case.

She is single, so she doesn’t have any committed relationship to keep her anchored in any one place. She’s also a Leo, and her star sign is a lion. So just like the lion, she likes to roam around to cover a lot of territory, always on the hunt for something new and exciting. So if you’re looking to check out thick Latina OnlyFans girls with something to offer and won’t waste your time, Rose Monroe is definitely another hottie worth taking a good look at.

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Rose Monroe OnlyFans Account 


Standing just four foot eleven inches tall, Nixlynka might be what you’re looking for in your search for thick Latina OnlyFans girls. She’s thick, all right, that’s for sure. But she’s not fat. Not in the least bit. When a girl is as short and compact as she is, she doesn’t have to be fat to be thick.


This girl is quickly gaining a well-earned reputation for freaky sex videos, and once you see her, you’ll understand why that is. With her short stature, she can do things that other girls simply can because they’re physically unable to.

So, for example, Nixlynka can give a man a blowjob while both are standing on their two feet facing one another. She doesn’t even have to bend over because, at four feet eleven inches tall, his cock is right at the same level as her mouth. So there’s all kinds of crazy stuff this thick Latina OnlyFans girl can do to keep you entertained for hours on end.

Then to top it off, she was born in Puerto Rico and speaks perfect English. She speaks the king’s English, so there’s no miscommunication or language barrier while you’re barking off commands while you’re having the best sex of your life. As small as she is, you know that pussy has to be tight as a frog’s ass at forty fathoms, and her ass has got to be even tighter. She has a cute face too. In fact, she’s a real piece of eye candy with a friendly personality. So given all that she has going in her favor, it’s not hard to see that this girl is really going places.

Nixlynka OnlyFans Account

Lilly Lopez

Lily Lopez is one of those thick Latina OnlyFans girls who are thick but still in fantastic shape. She’s not tall at all. So she looks to be standing just a little over five feet tall. But she’s chunky and has a well-proportioned round ass and, of course, nice thick melon-tits. Lily Lopez has some specialized skills that are well worth mentioning, though. The first one you’ll see in this Latinas films is that when she sucks a dick, she can take it all the way down to the hairline. So she deepthroats and does it well. It’s not something that you have to wait for either because it’s one of the main features of some of her films.

Then another pleasant surprise that Lily Lopez likes to pull out of her bag of tricks is getting whooped with a belt. She has a lot of videos that feature her being punished for something naughty that she gets caught doing.

There she is, being a very bad girl blowing her husband’s best friend, and in he walks in to catch them red-handed. So, of course, the belt comes off, but not just her husband’s belt but also his buddies who was just getting his dick sucked. So then both of them take turns whipping her on her bare ass. This is one of those thick Latina girls that’s into pain, though, because these aren’t pretend belt whippings.

They really let her have it, and she for sure feels it by the way she grimaces with each strike of the belt. So if you’re looking for a thick Latina OnlyFans girl who has something to offer that’s more than a bit edgy, Lilly Lopez is well worth taking a look at.

Lilly Lopez OnlyFans Account

Violet Myers

Violet Myers was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. So she’s not one of the thick Latina OnlyFans girls that had to make their way up to the United States from some far-flung South American country. She’s also one of those thick Latina OnlyFans girls that, while being thick, is still in great shape.

Violet Myers has quite an ass on her, and she seems to have a preference for men with huge dicks. In fact, it’s challenging to find a video of hers where she isn’t getting ass-rammed by a guy who has a dick that looks to be close to one foot long. Maybe this is why so many of her videos are basically straight assfucking videos.

She’s definitely a real cutie, though, and she got an early start modeling online. In fact, she was still in high school and hadn’t yet graduated when she started off modeling and acting in front of the camera. It’s not hard to see why either because she’s a real piece of eye candy and seems to have a good head on her shoulders.

She’s not one of those thick Latina OnlyFans girls that do a lot of talking in her videos, and that’s a good thing if that’s what you like. But everything else aside, it’s the perfect shape of her ass that will make it worth your while to pay her a visit while you’re surfing the internet. Also, if you live in Los Angeles or the surrounding area, it might be interesting to find out if she pays personal visits to preferred followers on her site. You never know.

Violet Myers OnlyFans Account