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How To Hide Onlyfans On Bank Statement: Foolproof Solutions That Work

For some people, and you may be one of them, Onlyfans is a godsend. Not only does it make it so easy and convenient to meet both men and women who are interested in meeting you.

But you can also easily and discreetly meet new penpals who live in different states and even other countries. So no more looking in bars or online dating sites.

Now you can, with a click of your mouse, have a look at them and instantly send personal messages across the globe.

It’s a membership system, and the membership fee, unless it’s a no-fee Onlyfans site, must be paid with a credit or debit card. For some people, that alone presents a problem.

If She Finds Out She’ll “Blow a Fuze”

The problem arises when they receive their bank statement. In most cases, it’s a significant other, be it a girlfriend, boyfriend or wife, or husband, who has access to the bank statement.

So now the question is; how to hide onlyfans on bank statements? The answer here is “yes, you can”, but it’s not in the way you might think it is.

It’s because, for security reasons, no bank or credit card company will allow you to use the card and then not have a record of that charge deleted or registered on the statement.

None Will Allow It – It’s Not Hard To Understand Why Either

The reason for this is that if they allow you to do it, then someone who gets a hold of your credit card without your permission can also do it.

Go Rent a Post Office Box and Have it Delivered There

So the easiest and most secure solution is to simply rent a post office box and have your bank statement delivered there. Easy as that. The post office allows you to pay in cash, so you never receive a bill at your home or place of business for rent payment.

You simply show up, stand in line, and when you make it up to the counter, pull out your wallet and make your payment.

For Every Problem There Is a Workable Solution

But that presents a problem for the person, and you may be one of them who needs to have a bank statement delivered to their home, and it’s not hard to figure out why.

There’s a significant other, be it a boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, or husband, who is counting on that bank statement coming in the mail. The good news is that there is a solution for this as well, and that is to secretly take out another credit or debit card at another bank or credit card company.

Have the Statement Delivered to a Friend Or Relatives Home

The other option is to ask a friend or relative to allow you to have the new bank statement from the new credit card delivered to their home. This, of course, adds an element of risk.

And it’s for sure or less foolproof than the post office box option, but it eliminates the need to show up periodically to pay the rent on the post office box. You can always pay it annually, but then you have to remember to show up there once a year to make that payment.

Perhaps You Have a Likeminded Friend Or Relative

So maybe you have a friend or a relative who, for some reason or another, doesn’t have or can’t get a credit card of their own. In this case, the enticement can be that you can allow them to use the card for their own Facebook membership fees.

Obviously, this presents an element of risk in that they may abuse your generosity, but if they’re trustworthy and anxious to check out Facebook themselves, it might be a viable option.

Spanish Single Women | The Downsides Of Marrying One

Spanish single women are still women. So while there are benefits of marrying one, just like any other female from the area you live in, it’s not always wedded bliss.

They have their downsides to be aware of, and it’s vital that you know them before you slip a ring on her finger and say, “I do.”

All marriages Eventually Call For Work And Compromise

It’s something to be taken seriously because it is a legal contract, and just like any other contract, it’s best to know all the terms in their entirety before you sign on the dotted line.

When most people speak of Spanish single women, what they’re really referring to is single Latinas from Central or South America, and the divorce rate is rising down there. All marriages eventually encounter problems.

The First Thing You Need To Know About Marrying a Latina

The days are long gone when a man in Mexico could simply put on his walking boots and bail out of a marriage without any ramifications.

It wasn’t that long ago when this was the case, but just like the courts north of the border, laws, and judges in Mexico have changed. So don’t make the mistake of thinking that marrying a Latina makes you immune from being wiped out in a divorce.

There’s No Longer An Easy Way Out When She Goes Crazy

All income you earn and everything you own will be taken into account. Just like a divorce in the United States or Canada, Mexican judges can and will order you to submit a document declaring your net worth.

If you lie on that document, then just as it is in a divorce north of the Border, you can be held legally accountable for contempt of court or even fraud.

There Is a Solution That More Smart Men Are Using

The good news, however, is that there is a solution, and that is to convince your honey buns to go on a romantic vacation to somewhere like Thailand and get married there.

If there’s a problem with citizenship, you can convince her to marry you in a Buddhist temple. A marriage like that won’t be recognized in the United States, Canada, or Mexico. Nobody will show her sympathy either because they will figure that she’s just too stupid.

Get Ready To Support Her Entire Extended Family

You might think you have a meager income working at the local car wash. But comparatively speaking, from the perspective of her family members living in poverty down South of the Border, you are fabulously wealthy.

With no Social Security, welfare, or government food benefits south of the Border, it’s always been the duty of a girl who married up into wealth to support the rest of her family.

So yes, you will be expected to periodically shovel your hard-earned money down to them, and don’t bother holding your breath waiting for any show of gratitude.

It’s What You Are Supposed To Do Dummy

In their eyes, you are just doing what you’re supposed to do. The more you give them the more they will want, so if you think you’re going to get off cheap, you’re sadly mistaken.

Then when the rest of her extended family discovers that she hit the jackpot they’re going to want to jump on board too, and you’ll be shocked by how many aunts, uncles, and cousins she has.

Try to resist and argue your case and get ready to live with a miserable wife. She won’t let up until she gets her way either, and her dad will want a brand new Ford F-150 truck and nothing less.

Its Work Or Starve Down South Of The Border

With virtually no government assistance available in any way, shape, or form for you’re Latina wife’s relatives, make sure that at least some of them are gainfully employed.

The problem you will run into, though, is that her closer relatives will be loaded with ideas on how to get themselves started in their own business. It takes money to get any business up and going, though, so guess who’s going to pony up the initial investment capital?

That’s right; you are. Not too worried, though, because it will be presented to you as a way to get their financial hooks out of you. It all makes perfect sense.

Get Ready To Start In Shoveling Out Your Hard Earned Money

But then, after you have doled out the cash, you get to find out just how inept her relatives are at running a business. So you can expect requests for cash infusions to go on until you finally put your foot down.

Then you will be the bad guy who’s responsible for their business failing. They were right on the brink of turning things around, and it’s all because of selfish you that their business failed.

They Don’t Need Your Stupid Advise….Just Your Cash

The more you try to explain to them what they were doing wrong, the more they will paint you up as that greedy Gringo asshole.

Then if you go down to check things out, what you’ll discover is that the money was being embezzled by her father.

Latinas Are Family Oriented… But Only Her Family Dummy


Perhaps you have already heard that Latinas make great wives because they are family oriented. That mothers and fathers will be looked after in their golden years. This is true, but it comes with a catch.

That catch is that when a Latina speaks about family considerations, she’s talking about her family exclusively. So if you’re not quite ready to turn your back on your mother and father, that will be a problem.

Have a Verry Merry Christmas While You Go Broke

Christmas will be a time to load up your vehicle with expensive gifts for her family and drive down to Mexico. Send her out to shop for gifts for your parents, and she’s heading straight to the discount dollar store.

They don’t have retirement homes in Mexico either, so when her parents grow old and can’t take care of themselves guess who is going to take care of them? That’s right; you are.

Get Ready To Have Her Aging Parents Move In

It won’t be done from a distance either cause the plan she has in place is for them to move in with you. So there you will be with two senior citizens in failing health, and no, your wife doesn’t want second-rate medical care.

They might be eligible for government assistance through Medicaid but don’t even consider it. Either you go bankrupt trying to keep them alive while they slowly die, or guess what?…. You murdered her parents.


In the end, it all revolves around cultural differences. Traditions that have existed for centuries, long before you arrived on the scene.

There’s a tribe in Indonesia where a family that has done well is expected to spend every cent of the wealth they’ve accumulated on expensive gifts for every person in the village. This while throwing a lavish festival that goes on for days on end.

If they don’t do it, they run the risk of being hacked to death. Then in India, disputes over dowries also commonly lead to murder. So if you find yourself stressing over the situation you’ve gotten yourself into, know that others have it far worse than you.

Mature Mexican Moms | Is She Still a Virgin

If you have grown weary of the women you date lying about their body count, then mature Mexican moms may be a solution. This is because one thing is for sure and that it is you don’t have to deal with them lying to you and telling you that they’re a virgin.

Don’t kid yourself, though, because no sooner will you think that you have found yourself on safe ground than one will look you straight in the eye and tell you that she adopted her child, and before that, she lived in a nunnery.

Women Have Always Lied About Their Body Count

Men lie about how many women they have pounded, and women lie about how few men have had their way with them. It’s just the way it is, and it’s been going on for time eternal. So it’s just something that you as a man have to deal with.

So then, once you get past that hurdle, the next question is how can you meet mature Mexican moms and then get them home to your place to do the nasty. That’s the next bridge to cross, and it turns out that it may be easier than you think it is.

Step One Is To Learn To Speak a Little Spanish

Mature Mexican moms are basically broken down into two categories. You have those who speak English and those who don’t. If you live up north of the border in the United States or Canada, then those who don’t speak English are always the preferred choice.

The reason is those who do speak English are more likely to have been indoctrinated into the screwy Western woman’s rights mindset.

Modern New Age Females Have Really Gone Down Hill

So they could be just as bad or even worse than the belligerent, tattooed, green-haired, man-hating troglodytes that are becoming all too familiar in the community you live in.

If they speak English, then they understand English, and that’s definitely no benefit to you as a man. The best of them, as far as you’re concerned, don’t speak a word of English, and it gets even better if she’s illiterate.

These far more pliable females will have to rely on you for everything, so without you, they are lost.

You Don’t Need Another Mouthy Hard To Control Woman

So it’s imperative that you learn to speak at least a little conversational Spanish. If you’ve never made an attempt to learn it, then you may be surprised by how easy it is.

The Most Important Spanish Word You Already Know

For example, the word “no” is spoken the same and means the same thing in both English and Spanish. So right from the start, you already know the most important word you need to know for dealing with mature Mexican Moms.

The All-Time Best Place To Meet Mature Mexican Moms

If you have spent any time trying to meet women in bars or online dating sites, then you know by now what a waste of time both are. Any girl that you meet in a bar, by virtue of the fact that she is even there, is a slutty booze-bag.

Dating sites are even worse. Fake ten-year-old photographs and profiles cobbled together by some delusional psycho, fatties lying about their weight, and the list goes on and on.

Do Your Laundry Then Do a Single Mom

The solution, it turns out, is closer than you might think, and it’s found at your local laundromat. Your local laundromat has always been an excellent corral for wrangling single moms.

It’s a given that they don’t have a washing machine at home, and that means they don’t have a man to buy them one. Then determining if they’re a mom is as easy as scoping out the clothes they’re washing.

They’re Stuck With You Until Their Clothes Are Done

Then finally, after they get the clothes loaded in the washer and their money stuffed into the slot, they’re stuck with you. They can’t escape.

Then if you’re clever, you got there before them and threw all the women’s magazines into the trash can so they won’t have any distractions. Then you have the next hour and a half to flap your gums at her.

Mature Mexican Moms Are Very Fertile So Take Precautions

One thing is for certain, and that is you don’t want to take the bait on a “man-trap”. Mature Mexican moms might be easy, but they are also very fertile.

It Turns out there’s a whole lot of them on the hunt for some fool to help them score a raise on their welfare check. So always use protection in the form of a condom, or you could find yourself stuck with your meager wages being attached for child support.

Women Can Be Very Sneaky So Cover Your Dipstick

It’s not enough to simply slap a “love-glove onto your “dipstick”, either. This is because the mature Mexican mom is often a very wily animal.

They’ve been known to retrieve a man’s used condom after “slamming hams” and then use the contents to artificially inseminate themselves after a gullible fool has climbed out of bed and hit the road.

Take Heed Cause The Word Is Getting Out

If you haven’t heard of this type of cruel underhanded trick, then you should know it’s not a rarity.

In fact, you might be interested in knowing that today part of the indoctrination process for rookie recruits for professional sports teams is being warned of this underhanded trick.

So always take a moment to get up and flush a used rubber down the toilet. Then take a moment to check out the expression on her face to see if you have dodged a bullet.

Do it right away, too, lest you forget and walk out the door and end up with your financial future down the toilet instead.


In the end, though, as many benefits that mature Mexican moms bring to the table, don’t lose track of the fact that she is still a female.

They’re nice during the initial “honeymoon phase”of a relationship and then abruptly change for the worse as soon as they determine that you’re emotionally invested. So move with caution and always remember that you are the prize, not her.

Beautiful Spanish Women: How and Where To Meet Them

When most men speak of beautiful Spanish women, they really aren’t referring to women in Spain. What they are referring to is women of Spanish heritage from Central and South American countries.

The original indigenous inhabitants of these countries were the Native Indians. But then the Spanish came along and changed the demographic.

So many people down there are of mixed Indian and Spanish heritage, but there are also plenty of folks who are of original Indian descent and also people of pure Spanish origin.

You Can Even Find Them In Your Local Community

So the upshot of this, is that you don’t need to move to Spain to meet beautiful Spanish women. The truth of the matter is you don’t even need to move to Central or South America because there are plenty of beautiful Spanish women in the US, UK, and Canada.

Even if you did learn to speak Spanish and then traveled to Spain, the problem you face is that a different dialect of Spanish is spoken there. The type of Spanish spoken in Central and South America and also now in the United States is very different from the way they speak in Spain.

A good analogy would be formal English spoken in England versus the type of English you would hear being spoken in areas of the Southern United States. The differences are substantial, yet both are English.

Step One Is To Learn Some Spanish So You Can Talk To Them

So the first thing you need to do is make an effort to learn a little bit of Spanish. You don’t need to learn to speak it fluently, but you do need to at least get a rudimentary grasp of the language.

You can find plenty of good-looking Spanish women in the area where you live now who speak perfect English. But the problem you encounter is that they have also been westernized. Just like local women and girls all over North America, they’ve undergone women’s lib indoctrination.

The Nice Thing About Women From South Of The Border

The nice thing about women from Countries South of the Border is they still have family values down there. They respect the sanctity of marriage, and they aren’t promiscuous and materialistic like so many females spread about the North American continent today.

In order to get through to these more desirable prospective mates and partners, you need to become familiar with their language, at least enough to break the ice and conversate minimally.

The Next Step After You Learn At Least A Little Spanish

Step number two after that is to go where beautiful Spanish women are and introduce yourself. Don’t even think about online dating sites unless you want to be reminded what a joke they have become.

Remember that you are looking to get into the market for a better-class female. Turning to internet dating and matchmaking sites is just going to run you into more loose uncivilized slutty dishonest women, even if they happen to be of Spanish descent.

There’s Loads Of Single Women Out Shopping For Groceries

So a good place to check out is your local Latino grocery store. Online pickup artists have long been posting content touting grocery stores as prime habitat for available single women.

It sounds crazy until you stop and think about it. Most shoppers, particularly in Latino grocery stores, are females. The last thing they’d expect to encounter there is a man like you out on the hunt, so their guard is down.

Armed with your rudimentary grasp of the Spanish language, you have far better chances of making a connection there than you would say at your local bar.

Where Not To Look For Beautiful Spanish Women

Speaking of bars, if you haven’t yet discovered it, they are a big waste of time and money. Looking for girls in a bar is the same as shopping for a new car at your local junkyard.

To begin with, everyone in there, and that includes the women are drinkers. That versus suitable perspective Latinas who tend to be light-to-non-drinkers. They come from a culture where women don’t go to bars.

Bars Never Were a Good Place To Meet Decent Women

Then if you haven’t checked the price of drinks at your local bar recently, you may be in for a bit of sticker shock when you do. Just like everything else around you, the cost of having your glass filled with booze has also shot up.

So not only will you be romantically disappointed, but you will also be financially disappointed as well. Most bars really are a “big downer,” and then there’s always the risk of being pulled over by the cops when you’re trying to get home.

Check Out You Local Junior College

It’s more than likely that there’s a junior college somewhere near where you live, and junior colleges are a gold mine for single women, Spanish or otherwise.

You don’t need to be a student either to pull into the parking lot, walk up and start hanging out chatting up females. Junior colleges are like high schools, with the big difference being that the girls there are all of legal age.

Junior Colleges Are Loaded With Hot Females

The best time to go is around lunchtime, and it’s not hard to figure out why that is. During the morning hours, all the girls head to class and if you show up in the afternoon, many of them have already gone home.

The lunchroom and Library are both excellent areas to scout for women. But there are also other areas of campus as well.

They Realy Do Hire Nude Male Models In The Art Department

Heck, you can even head over to the art department and see if they need a nude model for their figure drawing class. That’s not a joke. They really do budget money to hire people to pose naked in the art department.

So you can feasibly stand there stark naked talking to hot girls just out of high school, and nobody calls the cops. Just imagine that.

Times Really Have Changed, So You Need To Change too


The days are long gone when you could head down to the local mall and wait for distracted beautiful women to bump into you. The women of North America have gone to hell in a handbasket.

Obese, belligerent, slutty females marching in protests with pink foam vaginas stuck on their heads. Then the real irony is that the cute ones are the worst.

They’re pleasant just long enough for you to become emotionally attached to them, then they turn on you like a rattlesnake. So you’re going to have to make an effort to come up with new creative strategies.

Beautiful Latina Women: Tips and Pointers For Hooking Up

No doubt about it, but comparatively speaking, beautiful Latina women are for sure the preferred option to most women in the US and Canada. Latina women grew up in homes with discipline and structure governed by tradition.

They also never got brainwashed by the western women’s liberation movement. That’s why you don’t see them in parades wearing pink foam vaginas on their heads like loose women up north of the border.

Latinas Still Respect The Sanctity Of Marriage

So as far as relationships are concerned, they are by far the better choice. They still believe in saving their virginity for marriage and also respect the sanctity of marriage.

So the divorce rate south of the border is still extremely low. That compared to up in the United States and even Canada, where it’s gone through the roof.

It’s gotten so bad there that growing numbers of men are resigned to the fact that they will never be married. They simply aren’t willing to take such a bad risk.

But the good news is that in recent years there’s been an influx of beautiful Latina women. So many of them are looking to start a new life with a local man wherever they settle in. But when you do meet them, if you are like a lot of men, you may find that cultural and language differences are insurmountable.

It’s Time To Finally Learn Some Spanish – Even a Little Helps

If you’ve never thought about learning to speak Spanish, maybe it’s time to think again. First of all, you don’t need to become fluent in it. All you need is just enough to break the ice and start an interaction.

Latina women love it when a local man has made an effort to learn and speak their language. It means that you care and are willing to put in the effort that it takes to chat with them on level ground.

Knowing Even a Little Spanish Will For Sure Help

You don’t need to become fluent in Spanish because what you’re going to find is that learning English is one of the first tasks Latina women undertake as soon as they find themselves north of the Border.

So between you speaking a little bit of Spanish and her speaking a little bit of English, it’s not hard to understand how things could work out.

If you’ve tried to learn Spanish before and didn’t do very well at it, you may find that once there’s the prospect of beautiful Latina women involved this time around, you’ll be more motivated.

Don’t Take Her Out For Tacos – She Loves Italian Food

For some reason, most people find it difficult to understand that there’s a broad range of different types of food available south of the border. For sure, there are tacos, but contrary to popular media, that’s not all they eat down there.

Latina women love good food, so asking them out on a date means you’re going to take them somewhere nice to eat, and it won’t be for tacos. That is unless she specifically requests to try an American taco.

Yes, There Are Pizza Restaurants All Over Mexico

There are pizza parlors all over Mexico, and if you take beautiful Latinas to a pizza parlor north of the border, make sure to bring a small container of thousand island dressing.

Believe it or not, Mexicans like to put thousand island dressing on top of their pizza after it is served at their table. They love it. In fact, every pizza delivery comes with a little plastic cup of thousand island dressing.

Theres Also Lots Of Chinese Restaurants

There are also loads of Chinese restaurants, American-style barbecue, and hamburger restaurants down there that are actually better than the fast-food hamburger joints up north of the Border.

So when it comes to food and Latina women, it’s a mixed bag. One thing you won’t find in Mexico, though, is a burrito. Burritos are an American development, so if you ask a Latina about them, don’t be surprised if she doesn’t know what you’re talking about.

Live Mexican Music Events Are a Sure Thing

For touring Mexican bands, the American Market is huge and continues to grow. So just like the girls you grew up with, Latina women love a good live music show.

So live Mexican music events are a gold mine for meeting beautiful Latina women. The problem you have, though, is you probably haven’t been hearing about these shows coming to a town near you.

Banda music is red hot down in central Mexico, while Norteno music is very popular up north, closer to the border. Latina women love Banda music because it has a bouncy rhythm that they like to dance to.

There’s even a specific dance called the Bandit dance that they do to Banda music. So take a little time to check out some Banda music online and then a little more time to find out where the next show is going to be at and then be there.

Your Local Junior College Is a Great Place To Look For Chicks

Your local junior college is chock-full with loads of attractive girls from a wide variety of different countries. What you may not know, though, is that you don’t need to be a student to pull into the parking lot and then head on in there to check them all out.

Lunchtime is the best time of the day to show up but anytime will do just as long as it’s not too late in the afternoon after everyone is gone home.

Go Spend Some Time In The Library There

Then another place to check out is the library but the problem there is the quiet rule prevents people from having conversations. But at least they’re sitting still and not just walking by so you can get a good look at them.

You can make a little eye contact, then go sit out front on the veranda and say hello to them when they finally leave. Either way, no matter what technique you employ, meeting females at your local junior college campus, and that for sure includes Latino women, is like shooting fish in a barrel.

Pretty Hispanic Girls: Where To Find And Get To Know Them

It’s no secret that pretty Hispanic girls are a good catch. They haven’t yet been spoiled by Western culture, nor have they been ran through by every guy on the High School football team.

Also, Hispanic culture still values virginity, so if you are lucky enough to connect up with pretty Hispanic girls, you know that you’re not going to end up with someone else’s used throw-away.

The Big Question People Are Asking Is…….

So then the big question more people are asking is where to find them, and then once you do, how to connect with them on a personal level?

Take heart because unless you’ve been living in under a rock, then you know that immigration from South of the Border has picked up. Literally, millions of them have packed up and moved to the United States and Canada.

It only stands to reason that half of those millions are female. It would be delusional, though, to think that every one of them is a knockout.

So try to keep in mind that so many of these girls were raised in nice families that are intact. So they come with charming personalities, and that alone can make them irresistible.

You Need To Learn To Speak At Least A Little Spanish

If you have never thought about learning to speak at least a little Spanish, then now is the time to. Reason number one is that the less English a Latina speaks, the better off you are.

That means they haven’t been in your country long enough to become westernized. So they’re still far less materialistic and belligerent than your local girls.

They Haven’t Been Westernized, So They Haven’t Died Their Hair Green

They also haven’t been brainwashed by all the new-age women’s liberation BS. But you still have to communicate with him, and that’s where Spanish lessons come in.

Not only do you need to communicate with them, but you also need to form some sort of “connection.” So unless you plan on communicating with smoke signals, you’ll need to know at least some Spanish to break the ice and then keep it broken.

Check Online For Learn At Home Courses

There’s some good learning material to be had online, or you can scout around for a local person that teaches Spanish because they’re out there.

Be forewarned, though, that many Spanish classes taught at colleges and universities revolve around “Castilian Spanish.” It’s a different type of Spanish spoken in Spain. What you need to do to learn is the dialect spoken in Central and South America.

Mexican Music Events Are Full Of Hot Latinas

Just like the girls you’ve grown up with, Hispanic girls also love music. The reason you may not be aware of, though, is that they listen to styles of pop music that you may not be familiar with.

Mexican Banda, Noteno, and Reggaeton music are all the rage south of the border. They’re Latin rock and pop you can easily check out online. If you haven’t yet listened to it, then get ready because it’s addictive.

Music Is Universal, So You Don’t Need To Understand The Words

Also, if you don’t yet understand the words, keep in mind that neither did your grandparents when they listened to Italian opera.

Because they’re closer to the Southern border than bands further down in Central and South America, Mexican bands now tour regularly throughout the United States and even up into Canada.

Latinas flock to these events, and they aren’t just there to listen to the music and watch the band. They’re also there to meet guys like you, so make a point of dressing up in your finest duds.

Banda, in particular, is dance music, and you better believe that Mexican girls love to dance to it, so it would help if you put a little effort into learning the basic dance steps.

Check Out Latino Grocery Stores: Yes, They Are Out There

Popular online pickup artists have long touted grocery stores as being great hunting grounds for single females. It sounds crazy, but all this time, it’s been going on right under your nose.

Women tend to do all the shopping. Women also have their guard down in grocery stores, so they’re more vulnerable to your romantic intentions.

Meeting Girls Is Just Too Easy At A Grocery Store

Then go and see for yourself that it’s just too easy to roll up with your shopping cart and spark-up a conversation about food. The shelves are filled with it, and it’s what they have on their mind.

So go online to find out where the Latino grocery stores are in your area that specializes in food from South of the Border and then start shopping there.

Or you can just head on in and pretend like you’re shopping and then leave your cart and walk back out the front door when you’re done. Believe it or not, meat, cheese, vegetables, and other types of food are cheaper there.

So even if you don’t walk out with a phone number on your first try, you might end up saving some money on your grocery bill.

Your Local Junior College Is Loaded With Nice Looking Girls

If you’ve never attended your local junior college, then maybe now is the time to start thinking about it. No, you don’t need to sign up for any classes either, so don’t worry about that.

Just pull your car into the parking lot and head-on in, and start hanging out in the lunchroom and out on the grass on the main veranda. Fridays are best because everyone is looking to find out where the parties are that night.

It’s Old News That Bars And Dating Sites Are A Waste Of Time

If you haven’t yet discovered that bars and online dating sites are some of the worst places to look for nice girls, you’ve been living under a rock.

Guaranteed every girl you meet in a bar is a drinker, which might be good if you’re looking for a one-night hookup. But if you’re looking for pretty Hispanic girls, it’s definitely not good.

Nice Latinas tend to be moderate drinkers who sip on one beer all night or don’t drink at all. So that makes bars pretty much a waste of time. It also saves you a lot of money because now an evening at your local watering hole definitely isn’t cheap.

Why Can’t I Search On OnlyFans – You Can If You Know How

If you’re like a lot of folks today who are using Onlyfans, then the question you may be asking yourself is, why can’t I search on Onlyfans? After all, it just makes perfect sense that if you set up an Onlyfans account, you would want people to be able to search to find you.

The more people who find you, the more money, and let’s face it, the majority of women and men on Onlyfans are in it for the money. So then, why is it that you can’t locate a particular person or persons on Onlyfans?

Hang In There – It’s On The Bottom Of The Page

It turns out that you just need the correct information, which is conveniently located at the bottom of this page.

The Vast Majority Of People Wish To Remain Anonimous

You may not care if anyone can locate you on Onlyfans if you were featured on it. Particularly if you’re a man or woman looking for hookups, the more, the merrier.

But for most people, this simply isn’t the case. The vast majority of people featured on Onlyfans wish to remain anonymous. That is, perhaps, until they get to know you better.

People In Committed Monoginous Relationships Have a Good Reason

It’s not hard to imagine that a man or a woman in a committed relationship wouldn’t want their significant other to find out they have an Onlyfans account.

Certainly not all of them, but for sure, the majority feature content and videos that showcase them in compromising positions.

They’re naked, and or having sex, and if you are married, you probably wouldn’t want your wife or husband finding out that was going on.

They Don’t Want Their Employer Finding Out About It

Then still, others have jobs that would be jeopardized if their employer found out they had an Onlyfans account. It’s one thing if a girl is working at a strip club, but everybody doesn’t work at strip clubs.

They work in businesses and industries where showcasing themselves naked or “doing the nasty” for public viewing wouldn’t be a good fit. How would you like it if a teacher at a school that your child attends was getting plowed on camera and then posting it on Onlyfans?

You might like it, but you can rest assured that school district officials wouldn’t like it so much.

So Here Is How to Search For People On Onlyfans

The good news, it turns out, is that “you can search” for people on Onlyfans. All you need is their Twitter or Snapchat handles, and away you go.

That’s all you need if they use the same handle on their Onlyfans account. You might be surprised how many do, so that may be the solution to your dilemma.

The problem you face, though, is that many people use an Onlyfans handle that’s unique and different from their Twitter and Snapchat accounts.

But you don’t know that until you get their Twitter and Snapchat handles and then enter them into “”

How I Find Mature Latina Women Near Me

I make no bones about it, I like mature Latina women. In recent years the number of them have been increasing in numbers in the area that I live in but the problem I was faced was how to find mature Latina women near me?

Immature Females Are Just Too Much Drama

I’ve dated plenty of women, so I know the difference between an immature woman and a mature woman. Immature women are nothing but trouble. Mature women, on the other hand, are a pleasure to be around and share company with. So I needed an answer to the problem of how I find mature Latina women near me.

If I lived in a Latin American country like Mexico or Colombia, it wouldn’t be a problem. But I don’t. I live in the United States. Fortunately, though I work in construction, so I’m surrounded by carpenters and cement workers who came up from south of the border.

My Workmates From South Of The Border Were a Great Help

So I had my workmates to turn to when I had questions, and fortunately, they could provide answers. Since then, I’ve had no trouble finding and dating mature Latina women nearby; turning the tips they gave me into real solutions.

It Sure Helps If You Learn To Speak a Little Spanish

The first tip they gave me was to learn to speak at least a little Spanish. It’s something that I’ve never even considered. I never made an effort to learn a second language. I talk a little bit of “Jobsite” Spanish that I learned at work so I can communicate with the workers there.

But the problem was that that was Jobsite Spanish. It’s a type of Spanish that’s rife with slang and, for the most part, revolves around the tasks, the tools and the materials that we deal with on a day-to-day basis.

I Knew Just Enough Spanish to Talk To the Guys At Work

So, for instance, I could ask a Mexican to help me nail off a roof, but I didn’t know how to ask a Latina for her phone number.

So I needed to learn at least a functional level of Spanish. I didn’t need to know it fluently, just enough to make small talk and perhaps tell an attractive Latina how beautiful she is and then engage in a bit of chit-chat. It turned out that it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be.

I Bought the Study Material Online – Easy Peasy

So I bought some study material online and got to work, and it didn’t take long at all. What I learned to understand is that there separate words in the Spanish language for speaking to men and women.

Not a lot of them. So, for instance, in the English language, you would tell a man that he’s handsome, but you certainly wouldn’t use the same word to describe an attractive woman.

There Are Different Words When Talking To a Man Versus a Woman

It’s the same thing in Spanish, with the difference being that there are more of them. These would be words that are absolutely necessary to learn because not knowing them will lead to a minor disaster when talking with a Latina.

Then what I found was that a lot of mature Latina women already have a rudimentary grip on the English language. So all I needed was a basic understanding of Spanish, and then between the two of us, we could hold a conversation.

It’s almost impossible to form a “connection” with a Latina who doesn’t speak any English if you don’t speak any Spanish.

Mexican Music Events Are Loaded With Mature Latina Women

You may have seen them on billboards or flyers stapled on telephone poles, advertisements for Mexican music events coming to a town near you. I refer to “Mexican” music events because, being that it’s so close to the United States, those are the bands that tour here.

You may not know it, but there’s a wide variety of popular music genres that Mexicans listen to. Music with names like “Norteno” and “Banda.” Norteno is particularly popular in the northern reaches of Mexico, so if you live in the Southern United States, like perhaps Arizona or Texas, they tour there quite often.

Latina Love Banda Music – They Like to Dance To It

Banda, on the other hand, is indigenous to the state of Sinaloa. Just as Cajun music originates from and is popular in Louisiana, Banda is very popular in the state of Sinaloa and the surrounding areas. But Latinas don’t have to be from Sinaloa, to have a preference for Banda music.

It has a catchy rhythm they like to dance to, and the lyrics tend to revolve around love and romance. All women love songs that revolve around romance, so it’s just a no-brainer that Mexican Banda concerts would be a great place to meet up with mature Latina women.

Go Check Out Your Local Junior College – You Might Get Lucky

Another place I learned to scope out in my search for mature Latina women is a junior college not far from where I live. It’s a gold mine for females, and you don’t need to be a student to show up and hang out, and the lunchroom traffic goes on all day.

Then there’s always the library there, but the problem there is that it’s just not a good place to hold a conversation. But I can get a good look at them in the library and perhaps make a little “eye contact” and maybe a quick “hello.”

Formal College Spanish Classes Are Often Castilian

You can forget about the Spanish classes there because they mainly teach Castilian Spanish. It’s a version of the Spanish language that’s spoken in Spain. It’s more challenging to learn and can best be described as a more formal type of Spanish.

A good comparison would be the local English that’s spoken in the town I live in and a formal version of English that’s spoken in high society in the United Kingdom.

Casual dress is the norm on a junior college campus, so you don’t want to be overdressed. Levi’s, a loose-fitting cotton shirt, and sneakers work just fine. Timing is everything too, so lunchtime is best. Showing up in the afternoon after 2:00 is pretty much a waste of time.

How To Pay For Onlyfans Without Credit Card – It’s Just So Easy

Since its inception, Onlyfans has been exploding in popularity. It was a long time coming too, and there’s little doubt that there was always a need for it.

Regular people, both men, and women posting graphic pictures and videos of themselves to be viewed and enjoyed by everyday people. What a concept. It’s so simple that it’s a wonder that it took so long for someone to come up with the idea.

But there is one glaring shortcoming regarding its function, and that is that payment for viewing the content and videos on its untold numbers of accounts isn’t always easy.

It’s no problem if you have a credit card, but even then, the payment record comes right to your mailbox on your monthly credit card use statement.

That’s not a problem for someone who’s single and unattached but for someone who is married or in a committed relationship, it can lead to problems.

For Some People, Payment Can Be a Problem

So the big question people are asking is how to pay for Onlyfans without credit card access. It sure would be nice if you could just send them a check, but it’s not hard to imagine how that would quickly lead to problems.

So then, what about people who don’t have a credit card or have a credit card but don’t want to use it? The answer is simple, and that is that there are other avenues that they can take.

There Always Is Onlyfans Viewer – But It Has Its Limitations

There’s a site called “Onlyfans Viewer,” where people who have Onlyfans accounts post content that you can “scope out” for no charge at all. So then, what’s the deal here?

If this content is free, why would someone pay to join their site? The deal with Onlyfans Viewer is that it’s a promotional venue. People with Onlyfans sites use it to promote what they are posting on their sites.

What’s The Real Deal With Onlyfans Viewer?

The problem, though that they aren’t going to post the best and freshest content. Besides, there are plenty of places online that are just a click away where you can help yourself to free porn.

So if your intent is to browse through and get a “little taste” of what Onlyfans site operators are up to, it’s a great place to visit. People are different, though, so the content they post is different, and this site allows you to, free of charge, get a good look at what their “offerings” are.

Then beyond that, just like free samples at a restaurant, you will have to pay to get full service on a full helping of their best offerings. It’s as simple as that.

Get a Debit Card – They Work Just Like a Credit Card

Even people who have a credit card often use a debit card to make purchases online. A debit card works just like a credit card, with one big difference.

That one big difference is that a debit card needs to have actual money in the account that the payment is deducted from. A credit card, on the other hand, is just that.

What’s The Difference Between a Credit Card And a Debit Card?

With a credit card, the money is deducted, and the bill is treated like a “loan” to you, the user. So you can deposit a minimal amount of money in a debit card account without worrying about a fraudster cleaning you out.

If they try, they can only take out an amount no greater than what you have on deposit. So the beauty of a debit card is that you don’t need credit to get one.

There’s no risk to the company because they know that they can’t be left holding the bag for an unpaid bill. So getting and using a debit card to join an Onlyfans account is really the easiest and most secure option for those wondering how to pay for Onlyfans without a credit card.

What About a Virtual Credit Card? – Yes They Have Them

The next option is what is known as a “virtual credit card,” and it’s just what it sounds like. A virtual credit card is a line of credit you can access just like a credit card, with one exception.

That one exception is you don’t have an “actual credit card” that you keep in your wallet or purse. This is an excellent choice for someone who doesn’t want a credit card statement arriving in their mailbox. The reason for this is that everything is done online, including the statement reports.

All Transactions And Billing Is Done Online With a Virtual Credit C

Another benefit of a virtual credit card is that if you move, you don’t need to notify the credit agency that you had a change of address. But there is a drawback to making your credit card payment when you have a virtual credit card.

To do this, you either need a credit card, a debit card, or some sort of online income that can be diverted to make your payments. Either way, there are a few good workable options for those who want to know how to pay for Onlyfans without a credit card.

Spanish Cougar Hunting Tips: Up Your Body Count

Over the course of recent decades, a big change has been ongoing in Latin American countries. So much has been made about the women’s rights and liberation movement in western countries but what you may not realize is that the same ideologies have been sweeping through Latin American countries as well.

So now the odds of encountering a Spanish cougar have increased exponentially. Free women on the prowl finally have the option to do and say whatever they please.

Even so, don’t forget that they are still women so tracking them down and then bedding them still requires some level of knowledge and technique.

These Parties Are Loaded With Spanish Cougars


Quinceaneras are a great place to start. If you don’t know what a

Quinceanera is yet; it’s a Mexican answer to the sweet 16 celebration. Quinceaneras are always flocking with Spanish cougars, on the prowl looking for young men.

When a girl turns 15 in a Latin American country, a party is thrown, and the whole neighborhood is invited. It’s a coming-out party of sorts where the girl for whom the party is thrown is announced to the general public that she is now a young woman.

So it’s a rite of passage and just like any of these types of rites of passage in western countries, older women with a more than a few years notched on their makeup kit really go nuts.

What’s important to keep in mind here is that women in Latin American countries are considered old and unmarriageable at a younger age than up north.

So while in western countries, a woman in her late twenties is still regarded as eligible, down south of the border, a woman in that age bracket would be considered washed up.

Latino Music Concerts and Events Are Full Of Them

You may not be unaware of it, but with the growing Latin population in western countries, the popularity of concerts and music events catering to them has also increased. Mexican bands, in particular, now tour the United States and draw huge crowds to these events.

If you’re not yet familiar with music from south of the border, you may also be unaware that there are several different types. People of Latin heritage tend to have a very eclectic taste in music that varies from region to region.

The Spanish Cougar Loves To Dance

But all of it has one thing in common, and that is that it’s primarily dance music that they listen to. So these events tend to be chock-full of Spanish Cougars out on the hunt looking for young western men to become “acquainted” with.

So it helps if you learn to speak a little bit of Spanish, and then the next step is to develop a taste for this type of music. It’s melodic music that’s filled with lyrics that revolve around romance and even marriage.

The problem you face, though, is that these types of events are probably not promoted on the sites that you’re most likely to visit online.

So make an effort to stay abreast of them because they do happen in the area you live in. Even if they’re from another country and aren’t advertised in English, they use the same ticket distribution services that bands from western countries use.

So a good place to call or check online is Ticketmaster. Or type in appropriate keywords like “Mexican music concerts” into your Google search engine and see what pops up.

Then make sure to dress accordingly in western boots, denim jeans, and a cowboy hat so you don’t look out of place.

Check Out a Local Latino Grocery Store

The internet is Rife with “tricks of the trade” articles posted by popular online pickup artists that cover the topic of grocery stores. Grocery stores are great places to meet women, and this is for several reasons.

First and foremost, they tend to be alone, so you don’t have to concern yourself with girlfriends functioning as “cock blockers” when you approach them. Secondly, a Spanish Cougar will tend to have her guard down, unlike in a nightclub or similar social setting.

Then another good reason is that you’re “crammed in there” with them as you and they push shopping carts up and down the aisles. So it’s inevitable that at some point, you come into close proximity, so starting up a conversation is easy.

The Numbers Of Latino Grocery Stores Are Climbing

It’s the increase in the number of grocery stores catering to the Latin palette. It’s these types of places where women of Latino descent come to shop with boyfriends or husbands nowhere in sight.

So here again, an excellent place to check is online because there may be one close to where you live, and you don’t even know it.

On a side note: You may be surprised by the type and variety of delicious Latino food. If you consider what they’re serving at Taco Bell to be Mexican food, you may be in for a bit of a surprise. Taco Bell is nothing like authentic Mexican food that you would find south of the border.

Prices also tend to be lower on things like meat and pastries. Then tropical fruit they may not even carry at your local grocery store is often featured at markets catering to the Latina shopper.

They also have delicious drinks like tamarindo and horchata that you won’t find at regular shopping venues.

Latino Dance Classes Are a Great Place to Check Out

Finally, if you aren’t familiar with common Latino dance steps, then you’re saddling yourself with an extreme disadvantage. Latinas, and that for sure includes the Spanish Cougar, love to dance. It’s an integral element of every courtship south of the border.

Playing in the “wallflower” won’t get you anywhere at a Latin music event. The Spanish Cougar simply won’t understand it and can interpret it as meaning you have some type of “social shortcoming.”

The good news, though, is that the most common types of dances that they do are easy to learn.

It’s About Time You Learn To Dance Anyway

So another good place to check out is dance schools that offer lessons in popular dance styles south of the border. If you had to pick “one” to focus on initially, that would be Banda. They all do it, and the good thing about it is that it’s done in close contact.

Banda dancing has you up close and personal with a Spanish Cougar, with your arms wrapped around her and hers around you. So from there, it’s just so much easier to take it to the “next level.” Go ahead and watch some Banda dance videos online and see for yourself that it’s a lively, physical, and easy-to-learn dance style.