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The Best Onlyfans Girls from Colombia

Mellissa Caro Mejia

It’s not hard to understand why Melissa Caro Mejia, a sweet Colombian hottie is so popular on OnlyFans.

She’s young, in her early twenties, is in fantastic shape physically, and has a photogenic face reminiscent of the cute girl next door. There’s something you need to know upfront, though, and that is that this is a trans girl. If you’ve already seen her, this might be a little difficult to get your head wrapped around.

So it’s best that you know this before you go and see her pics cuz she looks fantastic. The good news, though, is that if you’re into it, her videos are well worth checking out. Granted, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but for those who like this more exotic genre of adult entertainment, she really is first class. So there’s no complaints from the audience, that’s for sure.

If you’ve never checked one out, trans girls tend to be more open and friendly than the attractive girls you might encounter in your day-to-day life. So she’s responsive to instant messages and gets off on developing personal relationships with her fans. You should also be forewarned that she’s into tattoos and doesn’t appear to have free promotional time. So you have to pay to play from day one, which is a testament to her high level of popularity.

Melissa Caro OnlyFans Account

Karen Cifuentes

If you haven’t figured it out by now, Colombian girls come in a broad range of skin tones. So one can be a blond with a dominant European accessory. At the same time, yet another darker-skin-toned Colombian beauty can trace her ancestry directly back to the original indigenous people who lived in the area before the arrival of the new world explorers.

So what a pleasant surprise it must have been when after the long lonely trip on the ship, the European sailors disembark to encounter dark-skinned Colombian beauties that looked like Karen Cifuentes.

This girl is absolutely stunning with long straight black hair, smoldering obsidian eyes, and the body of an Olympic athlete. she claims that she’s single and looking for the right man, which might be true because she is a real piece of eye candy. But then again, it does take a special man to handle a horny wife who makes a living by performing in videos where she’s getting smashed by other men or women.

But she does get back to instant messages from her fans, and with looks like hers, it’s worth checking out. Be forewarned, though, that cuties from Colombia have a well-earned reputation for being hot-blooded, both in and out of bed.

Karen Cifuentes OnlyFans Account

Andrea Pardo

Andrea Pardo is a Colombian wild child full of contradictions. She states outright that she’s a lesbian, so this is definitely one for the ladies. But if you check out her videos, you’ll see that she is definitely into men as well.

So maybe she’s just confused and needs a voice of reason to straighten things out. This is a full-service OnlyFans girl with a veritable menu of all she offers through her site. So she’s highly interactive with her fans on all levels, and there’s no compromise on her looks.

She looks tasty. She’s in her mid-20s with a sculpted body and photogenic face that could stop a clock. She also claims that everything on her is natural from head to toe. But with titties like hers that extend out from her chest like two big cannons, one can’t help but be skeptical as to whether she may have had a little something done there.

But this is an enthusiastic girl with a great personality, so it’s easy to interact with her as she loves to mix it up with her fans. She also does custom request videos, made to order, so if you have something special on your mind, this is the cutie to reach out to. Unfortunately, though, if you’re looking to save a few bucks on a free pass, she doesn’t have a promotional trial. But the good news is that joining her fan page won’t break your bank either because she’s one of the more affordable.

Andrea Pardo OnlyFans Account


With a name like Kacyklitty, there’s no need to explain what her videos are like. She looks to be in her mid-twenties, and she is an absolute freak, and as of right now, she has a promotional free one-month offer to join her site.

It won’t last long, though, because her site is new, and with looks like hers, it won’t be long until she has scores of admirers drooling over this piece of eye candy. Kacy’s a real cutie who looks to be in her mid to late 20s with a well-maintained physique and great photogenic doll-face. She has huge titties that are firm and protrude off her chest like a pair of sexual cannons.

So it’s hats off to the plastic surgeons of Colombia because all of the girls with titties like hers look fantastic; absolutely flawless. She looks great in front of the camera, so there’s nothing there to guess about. She also responds well to private messages and is already developing a reputation for authentic personal interaction with her fans. It must be something in the water in Colombia because so many of the young ladies down there are in such great shape and don’t hesitate to get into adult entertainment pretty much right out of high school.

So, all things considered, this is a cutie that’s well worth checking out, and it might be a smart move to get it in on that free trial membership before the door slams shut, and it will eventually.

Kacy Onlyfans Account


The Finest Top Latina OnlyFans Babes

Five Top Latina OnlyFans: By Popular Opinion

One of the big takeaways of the popularity of OnlyFans is that in increasing numbers, both men and women are curious to know just who are the top Latina OnlyFans girls on this site.

There’s just so many out there now, and many of them have something unique to showcase. So deciding just who are the top Latina OnlyFans girls all too often comes down to a matter of preference.

Just what is it that someone is looking for in a girl on that site that would qualify her as being one of the top Latina OnlyFans girls in their eyes?

That’s a difficult question to answer.

Also, just what qualifies a girl in general terms to make it onto the top list?

  • Is it the number of views?
  • Their popularity? 
  • Body proportions?
  • Or perhaps the fact that they have made their way onto the pages of contemporary magazines or media venues, or even television shows?

Here again, it all boils down to personal preference. Even so, in a recent survey of one-hundred certified horndogs, it was determined that there are certain commonalities in many girls that have them standing out in the eyes of the general public as being top Latina OnlyFans girls.

That covers a lot of them, though, so to break it down to a smaller number and make it easier, the following is a list of the six top Latina OnlyFans girls by horndog popular opinion.

Esperanza Gomez

Esperanza Gomez for sure deserves a spot on the list of top Latina OnlyFans girls. Born and raised in Belalcazar, a municipality in the Colombian department of Caldas, this lady first dreamed of becoming a porn actress at the tender age of thirteen. But if that sounds a bit shocking, it’s not so much when you consider that she was modeling clothing in magazine advertisements at the age of 16. So this is an ambitious young lady who eventually went on to college to study veterinary medicine.

Legend has it that she ultimately decided to let go of her studies due to the amount of gore she encountered as a veterinary student. She just couldn’t handle cutting up and experimenting on dead animals. But it was in 2006, when Esperanza Gomez took first place in the Miss Playboy TV Colombia competition, that she got bit hard by the show business bug.

So her dreams to become an actress in smut flicks were now within reach, and she grabbed them. Fat ugly girls don’t win first place in the Playboy TV Colombia competition, so there’s no point in explaining in detail how incredibly beautiful this female specimen of humanity is.

She’s in fantastic shape and surprisingly nimble with huge tits that stick out of her chest like a pair of cannons. Nothing sags on her body, so watching her engage in graphic sexual acts on videotape is truly a pleasure. So it’s little wonder that in the recent survey of 100 horny connoisseurs of explicit pornography, this dynamic lady was chosen as one of the top Latina OnlyFans girls.

Rumors have it that she’s taking a hiatus from performing butt-naked in front of the camera, so until further notice, all the videos on her site are being considered timeless classics.

And if you want to see more of her visit her profile, clicking here

Esperanza Gomez OnlyFans Account 

Aida Cortes

Looking much younger than her twenty-six years Aida Cortes is another model that survey participants unanimously agreed deserves a spot on the official list of top Latina OnlyFans girls.

Born and raised in Colombia, she achieved a respectable level of success as a recording artist in the years prior to throwing her hat into the OnlyFans arena. This piece of eye candy is exceptionally good-looking and could easily get by on OnlyFans by posting tame pics and videos of her posing in her underwear. But mercifully, she’s not willing to let her hordes of admirers down with a lame striptease show. It might start off that way, but by the time the video is through, you can rest assured that her coochy and her bum will both have gotten a thorough workout. She looks great in a pair of lacy panties and looks even better naked and getting smashed.

She has followers numbering in the millions on her other accounts, with her Instagram page being responsible for close to four million of them. So it’s not hard to come to the conclusion that she’s another exhibitionist wild child out of Latin America that just likes people watching her have sex.

It’s one of several long unrecognized unusual trends that OnlyFans has brought to the surface. So there’s a heck of a lot of women out there who are dyed-in-the-wool avid exhibitionists. They like sex, but they like it even better when a crowd of people are watching them.

Standing five-foot six inches tall and weighing in at just under 130 lb, this girl obviously keeps herself in shape. She has a great set of titties, too, that protrude off her chest like a pair of artillery cannons, and amazingly they’re natural.

So she’s one of the girls that will tell you that she hasn’t had plastic surgery, and it’s easy to believe. She also has a great personality and loves interacting with her fans on a personal level.

And if you want to see more of her visit her profile, clicking here

Aida Cortes OnlyFans Account 

Karely Ruiz

Born and raised in Monterey, Mexico, Karely Ruiz could easily pass as a sweet and innocent girl next door. This is because she was a sweet and innocent girl next door who got by as an internet influencer with sites on Instagram and Facebook. But that all changed just a few years back when sweet innocent Karely Ruiz started in posting videos of herself getting fucked sideways on a new only fan site, and things have only taken off from there.

A recent survey of one hundred certified horndogs unanimously agree that this piece of eye candy deserves to be listed in a coveted position as a top Latina OnlyFans girl.

As of 2020, she’s only twenty-two years old, so she’s just getting started, and already she’s a seasoned pro. This fallen angel Catholic Wild Child holds nothing back in her videos that feature pretty much everything that a warped mind could imagine, so there’s no need to go into graphic detail.

She stands five feet four inches tall, and at just under 125 pounds, this piece of photogenic eye candy is just downright difficult to take your eyes off of once you start in watching her.

She also has an easy-going personality and, in turn, has developed a well-earned reputation for interacting positively with her legions of fans. She plays around with her hair color, so it can be dark brown to blond depending on her particular mood, but this is a girl that would look fantastic wearing a potato sack.

She loves animals and travel so if she ever makes an appearance anywhere near you, make it a point to go and see her because it would be well worth the effort.

And if you want to see more of her visit her profile, clicking here

Karely Ruiz OnlyFans Account

Malu Trevejo

Malu Trevejo was born in Cuba on October 15th, 2002. So you can do the math to figure out how old she is. She’s a real cutie, too, so in most circles, she could easily be described as a young cutie, comparatively speaking among OnlyFans models.

Even though she was born in Cuba, she currently lives in the United States and is an accomplished singer and internet influencer. She even has a recording contract with Universal Music Latin Entertainment, a well-known company, so she’s more than just a wishful singer.

At 20 years old, she’s doing pretty good for herself. However, this review has to do with the results of a survey conducted on 100 admitted horndogs. Conisoirs of smut who make it their business to seek out and watch graphic pornography online. The results of that survey after they completed their online questionnaire about Malu Trevejo is that they came up blank. They typed her name into the search engine, and all they could find was a few sporadic videos of her fully clothed and engaging in seductive modeling and posturing.

They all agreed that she is definitely a gorgeous piece of eye candy, but they couldn’t find a single suck and fuck video that she had put out for horny cheapskates to sample online. It turns out that if you want to see more than her spectacular body and exquisite photogenic facial features, you’re going to have to go to her OnlyFans page and sign on as a member.

She has a beautiful long shaggy head of hair, an A+ ass, and isn’t shy about wearing tight-fitting clothing that showcases her cameltoe, but the really good stuff comes at a cost on her OnlyFans site. It appears that her strategy is to starve them out. Let the horndogs go hungry until they can’t take it anymore, and only then do they finally have to sacrifice some of their booze money to get what they really want from Malu Trevejo. Let’s just hope that after the money has been shelled out that she gives them something really freaky for their investment.

Malu Trevejo OnlyFans Account

Marcella Alonso

Born in 1980, Marcella Alonso is a star from a bygone era of adult entertainment that is well worth checking out. So this isn’t some flash in the pan but rather a grown woman who features classic videos from a time when adult videos looked different than they do today.

One stellar example is a great video of her in an orgy at an adult entertainment event in Barcelona, Spain. It’s well worth checking out because it was filmed back in 2014.

Marcella Alonso is a great-looking lady, but she looked fantastic back then, and she deserves kudos for having sex with multiple men and women in front of a large audience.

She was born in the United States and now lives in New York City, so she speaks perfect English, which makes her a great conversationalist to communicate with. She’s also a great source of information about the modern adult entertainment industry because to know the future, you have to know the past, and she has a lot to offer on the topic.

She has several pages on a variety of online social networking venues, but it’s her OnlyFans site that is a real money maker. Her other sites generate some advertising and membership income, but it was the success of her OnlyFans site during the pandemic that drew a lot of attention. There’s a lot of OnlyFans sites out there that barely just survived, but the fact that hers actually prospered while so many others were struggling speaks volumes about her popularity.

Marcella Alonso also has a daughter preparing to enter Law School, so she’s always looking for contributions to help her achieve that goal. It turns out that there are still some girls out there who choose career options other than the porn industry, and her lovely daughter is one of them.

Marcella Alonso Onlyfans Account

The Very Best Latina Onlyfans in the Game Right Now

No doubt about it, but there are a whole lot of Latinas available on OnlyFans. Since its inception, it has exploded with vast numbers of them in a broad range of personality types and body shapes and sizes.

But still, with all the choices and options to sort through, it can be overwhelming. Your time is valuable, so the quicker you can differentiate between all the choices, the better off you will be in the long run.

So understanding some of the fundamentals can only help to expedite your search for what you’re looking for. So then, what are a few of the things that you need to know? The answer to that is that some are more important than others, and by the time you get to the bottom of this page, you’ll hopefully have what you need to make informed decisions under your hat.

Where The Best Latina OnlyFans Girls Come From Matters

If you’re just now starting in with your search for the best Latina OnlyFans girls, then it helps to know where they’re from. There are a lot of countries south of the border between the United States and Mexico, and all the various regions have distinctly different types of Latina OnlyFans in them. When most Americans or Canadians or Westerners, for that matter, think of Latina OnlyFans girls, the first thing that generally comes to mind most often is Latina OnlyFans girls from Mexico.

This is where you’re more apt to encounter Latina OnlyFans girls who have at least some handle on the English language. With some having a better grip on it than others. At the same time, though, you need to be aware that Latina OnlyFans girls from Mexico are also more likely to be Americanized. Back in their home country, these are girls who are seen by the locals as being indoctrinated into American or Canadian culture and are referred to as “pochas.”

So while they may have a good grip on the English language, with some even speaking it fluently, you’re less likely to encounter a girl from the provinces. Then venturing further south, across Mexico’s southern border into Central and South America, that’s where you’ll discover the best Latina OnlyFans girls from countries like Peru, Chile, Columbia, and even Venezuela.

All of these countries are different and so too are the girls who spent their formative years growing up in them. They can look different, act different, and even speak various dialects of Spanish. So do yourself a favor and take a little time to read up and watch some videos about the girls from the different countries in South and Central America cuz it can be a great help to you in your search for the best Latina OnlyFans girls.

Daniella Chavez 

With long straight, platinum blonde hair and a body that could stop a clock, Daniella Chavez is a local girl done good from the country of Chile. Blue-green eyes and fair complexion give away her European ancestry courtesy of some of the first settlers that arrived in Chile from countries like Switzerland, Belgium, and Denmark.

Born October 26, 1989, Daniela is a Scorpio, and Scorpios are hot-blooded. Scorpios like Daniella also like meeting new people and are known to be passionate lovers. She’s also an OnlyFans girl who, you can plainly see that she genuinely enjoys herself in her most freaky porn videos.

Daniella Chavez Onlyfans Account

Baby Nicols 

Born March 27th, 1995, Baby Nicols from Venezuela is an Aries. Aries people tend to be full of contradictions, and she for sure fits this bill. Standing just five foot two inches tall with baby blue eyes and a slim-fit body, she could easily pass for the cheerleading girl next door who attends the local high school. She’s not. This little piece of eye candy is a Catholic good girl gone bad, and she’s really made a name for herself for her slutty physical prowess in some of the most extreme pornographic videos you can find online.

It’s not hard to make a connection between the oppression of living in Venezuela and the level to which the girls who come out of their wallow in their newfound sexual freedom.

So it’s three cheers for all the best Latina OnlyFans girls from Venezuela; let’s just hope that they all keep up the excellent work.

If you want to see more about her, click here 

Baby Nicols OnlyFans Account

Karina Guerrero

Born October 29th, 1990, in Spain, Karina Guerrero first made her chops as a fitness model. No doubt about it, but this wild child is in damn good shape, so her site is filled with pics of her modeling swimsuits and lingerie, activewear along with plenty of photos and videos with her wearing nothing at all.

Here again, this is a good girl gone bad that did her best to make her living in the mainstream modeling world before she finally dropped her laundry to start in bringing home the big pay doing graphic smut.

This is another hot-blooded Scorpio, an exhibitionist that you can plainly see genuinely enjoys all the hot sex in front of the cameras. She also likes to take full advantage of the freedom OnlyFans offers to interact with her followers on a personal level.

If you want to see more about her, click here 

Karina Guerrero OnlyFans Account 

Shirley Cherries 

Shirley cherries hails from Peru, where she’s been in the modeling business since the tender age of 17, and Shirly occupies a unique spot in the roster of OnlyFans celebrities.

She’s more known for the conflict and the drama she creates in the public forum than she is for the sex videos that she also posts online. They’re great videos, but what’s even more interesting is the shenanigans that she finds herself in splashed across the pages of tabloids back home in Peru.

It’s run the gamut over the years, but most recently, she was roughed up by her boyfriend. He’s her ex-boyfriend now because after he was done beating the crap outa her, she called the cops. And after the cops came, the news reporters showed up. Then after the news reporters left, the court case began for all the world to see. She’s not shy about publicity, and she’ll take it wherever she can get it.

If you want to see more about her, click here 

Shirley Cherries OnlyFans Account

Latina OnlyFans Catholic Good Girls Gone Bad

Most people, and you may be one of them, are entirely unaware of just how bad the public school systems are in Latin American countries. Some are better than others, but there can be no denying that most of them are pretty much shot to the curb. Venezuela does have a public school system. But what’s important to remember here is that Venezuela is a socialist dump of a country.

So while the education there may be free there, the curriculum that they teach their students is comprised mainly of communist propaganda. The kids and young adults have to sit there day in and day out while they’re brainwashed zombie instructors who were trained in Cuba, another communist shit hole babble on about how evil the rest of the world is. So, as a result, families that I can afford to do so send their sons and daughters to private schools, and in pretty much all Latin American countries, most private schools are run by the Catholic Church.

So you need to be aware that Latina OnlyFans girls who grew up south of the border didn’t learn to read and write at home. They most likely learned it in a Catholic School, and Catholic schooling can have a profound effect on girls and young women as it pertains to their sexuality. Some are shy and reserved when the topic is brought up. Then for others, all the sexual repression they underwent during their Catholic schooling had the opposite effect. These are the Catholic Latina OnlyFans good girls gone bad who have become sex-crazed and can’t get enough.

Samantha Pink

Samantha Pink is a classic graduate of a Catholic education system who struggles to accept that she’s actually getting smashed and ran through in front of the camera in graphic smut films.

You can see it in her face and the way that she moves that while she thoroughly enjoys what she’s doing, at the same time, the guilt just won’t let her go. So while she does put on a show of sexual acrobatics in untold numbers of sex videos, it’s difficult to find any, if there even are any, that features her engaging in anal sex.

The Bible bans explicitly anal sex, and you better believe that she’s read that. It really is amusing to watch her, and a refreshing break from so much of the other porn on OnlyFans put out by girls who don’t feel the least bit guilty about having a huge throbbing cock stuck in their bum.

If you want to see more about her, click here

Samantha Pink OnlyFans Account

Amaranta Hank

Born September 14th, 1992, Amaranta Hank is another graduate of the Catholic educational system and carries a grudge about having gone through it to this very day.

She does everything she can to thumb her nose at the nuns back home who insist that sex outside of the marriage and laying down with other girls is sinful. She does it all, and, through it all, she still gets invited to speak at South American colleges and universities.

They created her, and now they can’t get rid of her. She’s strikingly beautiful, and nothing seems to be off limits in her graphic porn videos that stretch the boundaries of acceptability.

Her lesbian girl-on-girl videos are among the best because it’s plain to see that she’s not acting. In fact, she’s been known to state in interviews that even if she weren’t paid, she would still produce slutty smut videos for her OnlyFans site.

If you want to see more about her, click here

Amaranta Hank OnlyFans Account

The Best Latina OnlyFans Girls and Anal Sex

If you live in a modern western country where effective birth control information and products other than condoms are readily available, you might assume that it’s the way it is around the world. That good birth control products and information and even abortion are readily available on demand in all Latin American countries. So it may come as a surprise to discover that this simply isn’t the case.

For generations, all the way up to today, aside from the cumbersome condom, the most effective method employed was and still is anal sex. You read that right. Mothers routinely taught their daughters that to avoid unwanted pregnancy, they should only let their boyfriends and husbands enter and dump their load through the backdoor. So hopefully, this may help explain why you may have already noticed that some of the best Latin OnlyFans girls have sites that are filled with videos of them engaging in the freakiest anal sex to be found online.

In fact, for a few, it would appear that going anal is the only way that they do it. Even today, pretty much all throughout Latin American countries, and this for sure includes Mexico, an unwanted pregnancy is viewed the same as it was in western countries back in the 1950s. Back in those days, when a girl became pregnant out of wedlock, it was nothing short of a catastrophe and a source of extreme embarrassment in the community. Not only that, but there’s also a lot at stake for a girl who became pregnant and pops out a child out of wedlock. She becomes unmarriageable. No one wants her for anything more than a fuck. They also pretty much have no rights to the child if she lives at home with her parents.

In Latin American countries, there is no official mechanism for child support and child custody. The mother is simply left out in the cold as her mother and father assume custody and responsibility for a child born out of wedlock. So knowing all this makes it easier to understand why so many of the best Latina OnlyFans girls are so into anal sex.

La Sirena 69

If you’re looking for anal sex entertainment, then this is the girl that can hook you up.

La Sirena 69 is unusual and the adult entertainment business in that she actually attended college and graduated with a degree in communications. She studied and wrote her thesis on the history of porn dating back to ancient Rome. From there, she went on to work in television which was her springboard into the porn video business.


Not content to simply work behind the camera as a producer, which she could have easily made a good living doing, she insisted on dropping or laundry and joining in on all the slutty fun in front of the cameras. So on any given day, she can be found in a film editing room putting the final touches on her company’s productions or out in front of a camera getting double penetrated by a couple of muscle-bound wild-eyed ass packers.

If you want to see more about her, click here

Sirena 69 Onlyfans Account

Allison Miller

Don’t let the name Allison Miller fool you. This girl was born and raised in Venezuela and may be the ass fucking champion of the entire planet. In fact, after watching her videos on OnlyFans for a while, one thing you will notice is that there aren’t any where she isn’t taking it in the butt.

Another one of her signature moves is to shove large objects up there, such as pool balls. But it doesn’t end there because just when you think you’ve seen it all, she will Astound you with a double penetration scene where two well-hung muscular men both managed to fit their cocks up inside her ass simultaneously. You read that right. It isn’t easy to believe, so you must see it with your own eyes to understand what an impressive feat it truly is.

She’s good-looking too, with huge tits and a fit body with a trim, muscular ass. So she doesn’t have to fit large pieces of furniture up inside her rectum to make people want to watch your videos. She can get by without defying the laws of physics in the way that she does.

So here again is another Latina OnlyFans girl the raises the bar and sets new standards when it comes to anal sex videos.

If you want to see more about her, click here

Allison Miller OnlyFans Account