Spanish Cougar Hunting Tips: Up Your Body Count

Over the course of recent decades, a big change has been ongoing in Latin American countries. So much has been made about the women’s rights and liberation movement in western countries but what you may not realize is that the same ideologies have been sweeping through Latin American countries as well.

So now the odds of encountering a Spanish cougar have increased exponentially. Free women on the prowl finally have the option to do and say whatever they please.

Even so, don’t forget that they are still women so tracking them down and then bedding them still requires some level of knowledge and technique.

These Parties Are Loaded With Spanish Cougars


Quinceaneras are a great place to start. If you don’t know what a

Quinceanera is yet; it’s a Mexican answer to the sweet 16 celebration. Quinceaneras are always flocking with Spanish cougars, on the prowl looking for young men.

When a girl turns 15 in a Latin American country, a party is thrown, and the whole neighborhood is invited. It’s a coming-out party of sorts where the girl for whom the party is thrown is announced to the general public that she is now a young woman.

So it’s a rite of passage and just like any of these types of rites of passage in western countries, older women with a more than a few years notched on their makeup kit really go nuts.

What’s important to keep in mind here is that women in Latin American countries are considered old and unmarriageable at a younger age than up north.

So while in western countries, a woman in her late twenties is still regarded as eligible, down south of the border, a woman in that age bracket would be considered washed up.

Latino Music Concerts and Events Are Full Of Them

You may not be unaware of it, but with the growing Latin population in western countries, the popularity of concerts and music events catering to them has also increased. Mexican bands, in particular, now tour the United States and draw huge crowds to these events.

If you’re not yet familiar with music from south of the border, you may also be unaware that there are several different types. People of Latin heritage tend to have a very eclectic taste in music that varies from region to region.

The Spanish Cougar Loves To Dance

But all of it has one thing in common, and that is that it’s primarily dance music that they listen to. So these events tend to be chock-full of Spanish Cougars out on the hunt looking for young western men to become “acquainted” with.

So it helps if you learn to speak a little bit of Spanish, and then the next step is to develop a taste for this type of music. It’s melodic music that’s filled with lyrics that revolve around romance and even marriage.

The problem you face, though, is that these types of events are probably not promoted on the sites that you’re most likely to visit online.

So make an effort to stay abreast of them because they do happen in the area you live in. Even if they’re from another country and aren’t advertised in English, they use the same ticket distribution services that bands from western countries use.

So a good place to call or check online is Ticketmaster. Or type in appropriate keywords like “Mexican music concerts” into your Google search engine and see what pops up.

Then make sure to dress accordingly in western boots, denim jeans, and a cowboy hat so you don’t look out of place.

Check Out a Local Latino Grocery Store

The internet is Rife with “tricks of the trade” articles posted by popular online pickup artists that cover the topic of grocery stores. Grocery stores are great places to meet women, and this is for several reasons.

First and foremost, they tend to be alone, so you don’t have to concern yourself with girlfriends functioning as “cock blockers” when you approach them. Secondly, a Spanish Cougar will tend to have her guard down, unlike in a nightclub or similar social setting.

Then another good reason is that you’re “crammed in there” with them as you and they push shopping carts up and down the aisles. So it’s inevitable that at some point, you come into close proximity, so starting up a conversation is easy.

The Numbers Of Latino Grocery Stores Are Climbing

It’s the increase in the number of grocery stores catering to the Latin palette. It’s these types of places where women of Latino descent come to shop with boyfriends or husbands nowhere in sight.

So here again, an excellent place to check is online because there may be one close to where you live, and you don’t even know it.

On a side note: You may be surprised by the type and variety of delicious Latino food. If you consider what they’re serving at Taco Bell to be Mexican food, you may be in for a bit of a surprise. Taco Bell is nothing like authentic Mexican food that you would find south of the border.

Prices also tend to be lower on things like meat and pastries. Then tropical fruit they may not even carry at your local grocery store is often featured at markets catering to the Latina shopper.

They also have delicious drinks like tamarindo and horchata that you won’t find at regular shopping venues.

Latino Dance Classes Are a Great Place to Check Out

Finally, if you aren’t familiar with common Latino dance steps, then you’re saddling yourself with an extreme disadvantage. Latinas, and that for sure includes the Spanish Cougar, love to dance. It’s an integral element of every courtship south of the border.

Playing in the “wallflower” won’t get you anywhere at a Latin music event. The Spanish Cougar simply won’t understand it and can interpret it as meaning you have some type of “social shortcoming.”

The good news, though, is that the most common types of dances that they do are easy to learn.

It’s About Time You Learn To Dance Anyway

So another good place to check out is dance schools that offer lessons in popular dance styles south of the border. If you had to pick “one” to focus on initially, that would be Banda. They all do it, and the good thing about it is that it’s done in close contact.

Banda dancing has you up close and personal with a Spanish Cougar, with your arms wrapped around her and hers around you. So from there, it’s just so much easier to take it to the “next level.” Go ahead and watch some Banda dance videos online and see for yourself that it’s a lively, physical, and easy-to-learn dance style.

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