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If you haven't yet seen the YouTube video that lit the fire to launch Aida Cortez's public image into the stratosphere, it's well worth checking out.

If you were to believe what has been written about her up till now, you could come away thinking this was an amateur singer who got lucky online with a favorite song of hers. Her rendition of the song "Sin Pijama" or "No Pijamas" in English and the video it's produced with are not amateur Productions. And neither is she an amateur singer.

This wasn't something that she just stumbled into because it's obvious she's spent years perfecting her craft. So she's a qualified professional pop singer and a very nice looking professional model. She's earned her stripes and is a celebrity well-deserving of the level of fame she ascended to.

Born February 4th, 1996, in Bucaramanga, Santander, Colombia, Aida Cortes, standing five-foot six-inches tall and just over one hundred and twenty pounds, looks absolutely stunning. Also, in the country of Colombia, both male and female singers start in early. So it's safe to assume that she's been singing at weddings, birthday parties, and social events in her community since she was thirteen years old; or even younger.

Do the math and what it all adds up to is that she's been putting herself out there as a songstress for well over a decade. So she looks amazing, sounds fantastic, and has the stage presence of a seasoned professional, which she is. She has a few more songs out that she publishes on Spotify that are equally as good as Sin pijama, but she hasn't cut an album yet, and there's a reason for that. That reason is that she's an astute businesswoman. Thanks to product piracy, musicians just don't make the kind of money that they used to off of CDs.

So now, in increasing numbers, up-and-coming musicians are turning to more creative marketing options available on the internet. It's the same thing with social media. Why should she pull up her roots to spend her days and nights running around fulfilling the terms of contracts when she can live amongst friends and family in her hometown and reap the benefits of her creative work online. All from the comfort of her home.

Aida Cortes is an Aquarius, and people like herself born under that star sign tend to share some unique personality traits. They possess a high level of organizational skills and tend to work well with others. They also like trying new things and have an innate penchant for seeking out adventure. Aquarians also tend to be avid conversationalists who enjoy sharing and exchanging new ideas with like-minded people.

They also tend to be sticklers about reliability, so they keep their word and expect others to do the same. They also value friendship and are recognized for their loyalty. So when you become friends with someone like Aida Cortes, as long as you value that friendship and stay loyal, you will have a friend for life. So it's not difficult to imagine that the stars that she was born under play an integral role in guiding her to the level of popularity and success that she has achieved.

She's surrounded herself with loyal, trustworthy people and has made a point of doing what she says she will do. She's also kept up her appearance by avoiding drugs and alcohol and adhering to a regular exercise routine.

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