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Standing five foot five inches in bare feet and weighing in at one-hundred-twenty pounds, Karely Ruiz is one of today's most talked-about social media rising stars. At just 22 years old, it's also looking like she has only excellent prospects for the coming years.

Born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico, where she first turned heads, Karely currently resides with her family in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. Her birthday is the 28th of October, making her a Scorpio.

So like so many other fashion-conscious Scorpios, she likes to experiment with her looks.

So there is no one genre that she stays with exclusively, but there is one aspect that never changes. That one thing is that she always looks fantastic. Karely would look stunning if she were dressed in a potato sack with curlers in her hair. She's just that photogenic.

But with such diversified interests and projects in design, fashion, and media, she's for sure not getting by on her looks alone. In fact, she's currently keeping busy working on her own line of makeup and beauty products. It's all still in research and design, so a launch date has yet to be finalized. She's a perfectionist, so every detail must be up to her exacting standards. So it may take some time.

All that, on top of her continuous ongoing fashion design projects, means very little spare time to relax right now.

With followers well into six digits on her (karelyruizofcO1) Instagram account that expands daily, it leaves no doubt that her fans like what they see. You can also check her out on her TikTok account. Through it all, Karely is still single too.

So hey, everyone out there, that's definitely working in your favor. Nothing wrong with dreaming... It was back while she was still in school that she first started posting pics and videos on Instagram. Modeling portfolio shots and videos from auditions and skits. Did I forget to mention that she's also an aspiring actress? She's starting to turn heads in that industry as well. Given how diversified her interest are, you should have figured that out on your own anyway.

As if she doesn't provide enough to write and talk about already. Having acquired a net worth well into six figures, she's a proven sharp cookie when it comes to business. Karely rakes in 2000 dollars US Per sponsored post on top of her other monetary streams; her burgeoning empire only continues to expand.

When she can find the time, she loves to travel, but with such a hectic schedule, she can only dream of her ultimate travel goal. She wants to someday travel around the entire world. But given how fluid her current business affairs are, that's definitely on the back burner. Still, she insists that someday when she finally finds the time, it will happen.

She likes tattoos as long as they're tasteful and everything you see in her pics is natural. So there's no plastic surgery there. It's not that she has anything against it, though. It's just that she doesn't need it. The truth is there's nothing to improve on. Her curves are her hallmark, as is her reputation for fantastic mirror selfies. In fact, she was one of the first to get in on the mirror selfies trend back when she was still in high school.

Karely is a leader, not a follower, and this shows in every project she takes on. So in the coming months, there's no telling what she will bring to the table. One thing is sure, though, and that is it will be original and worth checking out.

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